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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop and Shop Meat Q also Omaha Steaks deal

As you can see, we took advantage of the meat Q. We have a chest freezer in the basement that has bread and frozen veggies. Also frozen homemade sauce etc. etc. However we were filling it so much that it was starting to make a straining noise. Also our regular fridge/freezer in our Kitchen is only a year old, and the shelves are starting to sag :(... This was a floor model, and it was the last 1. We got it for $300
the top shelf to the left are all steaks, and on the right is all ground beef with beef stew in the front. The 2nd shelf is pork chops on the left, ham steaks next (2) and in the middle are 2 roasts, then to the right is all chicken. The 3rd shelf is Omaha Steak stuff and assorted Ribs. Except for the yellow wax beans under the Omaha steaks! There is a bottom drawer but it has more Omaha steaks and a rental space for my sister. LOL $1 a day... until 4th of July picnic.
These are the orders from Stop and Shop:
#1 Chicken breast $16.65 less $5 Q = $11.65 less S&S card $9.70= $1.95
#2 Chicken Breast $15.53 less $5 Q = $10.53 less card $9.05 = $1.48
#3 top round london broil $16.22 less $5Q= $11.22 less card $1.63 = $9.59
#4 Chicken Breast $12.61 plus Beef Stew $3.27 = $15.88 less $5Q = $10.88 less $2 meat Q pealie (self check cashier entered them both in...)= $8.88 less card savings $7.76 ($0.41 for the stew and $7.35 for the Chicken) = $1.12...
#5 Beef liver $2.09 + 2 Sirloin Steaks $4.43 + $5.45 + Beef Stew $3.09 = $15.06 less $5Q= $10.06 less card savings ($1.48, $1.82 for the steaks and $.31 for the beef stew) $3.61 = $6.45
#6 stew, liver, chicken teriaki and spareribs $11.12 OOP
#7 ground beef $7.20 OOP
#8 Ground Beef and Beef stew $10.72 OOP
Also on my receipt it says I have 554 gas rewards points for $0.50 off a gallon (an earlier receipt said 860, but they expire. wish I realized it because it would have been $0.80 off a gallon)
I also have saved $722.77 YTD
everything was 50% off or more, and when you spent $75, you got a $20 GIFT CARD, plus I had a mailer for 12 free hamburgers. We rarely buy from them, but it was a tempting deal.
I paid $81.94 and saved $286.92 plus I got a $20 GIFT CARD
Then I paid $78.47 and saved $286.45 plus $30 worth of free burgers = $316.45 and I got $20 GIFT CARD. So I paid $160.41 for $763.88 worth of food and I have $40 I can spend anyway I want !