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THE IDEA OF HIM by Holly Peterson Guest Post and Review

Publisher: William Morrow  (April 1, 2014)
Category: Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction
ISBN: 978-0062283108
Tour Date: April/May, 2014
Available in: Print & ebook, 384 Pages

In the fabulous and intrigue-packed new novel from Holly Peterson, the New York Times bestselling author of THE MANNYTHE IDEA OF HIM explores the dangers of falling for the idea of a person, and why facing reality is more liberating than we ever dreamed it could be. For anyone who’s let the fear of being alone keep them from seeing who someone really is, THE IDEA OF HIM is an inspiring, action-packed story of what happens when we embrace our own power and allow the truth to finally set us free.
Allie Crawford has the life she always dreamed of—she’s number two at a high-profile P.R. firm; she has two kids she adores; and her husband is a blend of handsome and heroic. Wade is everything she thought a man was supposed to be—he’s running a successful newsmagazine and, best of all, he provides the stable yet exciting New York City life Allie believes she needs in order to feel secure and happy.
But when Allie finds Wade locked in their laundry room with a stunning blonde in snakeskin sandals, a scandal ensues that flips her life on its head. And when the woman wants to befriend Allie, an old flame calls, and a new guy gets a little too close for comfort, she starts to think her marriage is more of a facade than something real. Maybe she’s fallen in love not with Wade—but with the idea of him.
Captivating and seductive, told in the whip-smart voice of a woman who is working hard to keep her parenting and career on track, The Idea of Him is a novel of conspiracy, intrigue, and intense passion—and discovering your greatest strength through your deepest fears.
Advance Praise for The Idea of Him:
“The Idea of Him is a coming-of-age book for grown ups. It’s fast-paced and intriguing, glamorous and real — not only a great, great read but a tutorial in how to be your own best friend.”-Elin Hilderbrand, author of BEAUTIFUL DAY
“Holly Peterson has written a gripping, sophisticated story of high life suspense that kept me riveted till I’d finished.  The Idea of Him is hugely enjoyable and vividly satisfying.”-Tina Brown of Tina Brown Live Media
“Holly Peterson’s THE IDEA OF HIM is the perfect novel if you want to plunge into great dialogue, a twisting and unexpected plot, shady Wall Street schemes, betrayal, girl friends.. and sex.  It is unputdownable.”-Lesley Stahl, CBS News 60 Minutes Anchor 
“THE IDEA OF HIM takes off like a rocket and doesn’t stop until the last page. In this day and age where we are all so distracted, I relished a book that held my attention with laser focus on sexy topics that we all relate to: why we obsess over love, why we can’t leave when we should, and how we find our strength through friendship and characters we can’t help but adore. “-Katie Lee, TV Host, The Kitchen and Author of Groundswell
“The idea of him is a deeply intriguing book filled with hilarious social satire and sexy longing. This book explores falling in love with the idea of someone rather than the person themselves…and how we cope with reality once we wake up!”-Kelly Bensimon, Author and Television Personality 
About Holly Peterson:Holly Peterson
Holly Peterson is the author of the New York Timesand international best seller, The Manny. She was a Contributing Editor for Newsweek and editor-at-large for Tina Brown’s Talk magazine. She was also an Emmy Award–winning producer for ABC News for more than a decade, where she cov­ered global politics. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Newsweek, Talk, the Daily Beast, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and other publications.

Guest Post
By Holly Peterson

I imagine that all prolific writers have glorious rooms in which to write: circular libraries wood-lined in books with mahogany ladders resting on high brass bars, windows that open on to Walden Pond type water scenes or forests creaking and hooting with only the calls of nature.  

But who actually lives in a huge enough home to have “a room of one’s own”? How many among us even want to live so far away from civilization where there would actually be peace and quiet and no neighborhood honking, sirens, or kick-the-can games at the nearby cul-de-sac?

Writing quietly in a nice space is not an activity we can automatically do, so, yes; we have to “create” one.  Americans work hard. We help our communities, we are involved with our neighbors, and many of us adults have either kids or elderly parents we are tending to.  In this post-crash economic environment, so many are working several shifts or cobbling together several part-time gigs to make ends meet.

Even if we do find peace and quiet to write our novels, the Internet YELLS at us all day to solve work crises, the cable TV man finally showing up and no one home, or the travel agent telling us we have five minutes to decide or we’ll lost the good fare.  My kids and my boyfriend often don’t understand when I’m on email, I’m not dishing with girlfriends, but handling my insanely busy Manhattan working mom with three needy kids and a divorce lifestyle.

So let’s discuss the writing environment. In order to mine your soul for your deepest thoughts and search for that adjective so hard that your brain aches…yes that happens to me…you need quiet with no Internet. 

I write far from my bills and “TO DO!!!” and “TO PAY!!!” files…even files yell at me I find.  I sit in a calm place and curl up with a blanket and my tea…two things I cannot write without. I do not sit at a desk and I don’t recommend it. Desks connote homework or bills or studying…writing fiction means digging inside yourself. I write most often after the kids are asleep or early before they wake. Any couch corner or side chair will do for me. During the day, the public library is the only haven for me.

I can’t have any files, bills, or televisions near me, or even Internet on.  I have to sit still. I have to make physical and mental barriers to noise and distractions. Don’t forget the little things that are so important: make sure you are fed and watered properly at all times. I need protein shakes and tea when I wake up at 5am because I know protein makes brain synapses snap better. At night, I grab my special “Elvis cocktail”…and little upper/downer mix of a glass of white wine to loosen me up to write sexy sexual tension scenes and a little diet coke to keep me buzzing along and a little wired to keep the plot rushing along like a locomotive. Most of all, when I do find the proper creative environment, I hope I’m writing energetic, tension-filled scenes that move so fast, the reader, on her couch, with her tea, won’t even know the cable TV man is ringing the front doorbell!
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My Review:
Life is never what you expect and that is what I thought of as I read this book. The ideas that we have in our head may, or may not, be reality. How we react to the truth is what determines our fate. I liked this book, and I enjoyed Allie getting control of her life! This is not the kind of book to read intently, the sub plots and supporting characters did not keep me that interested. However the book is about Allie, and the main plot was engaging, enjoyable, and it made me admire her spunk. I am giving this book a 3/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

North Parish by Rohn Federbush Review and Giveaway

An Ann Arborite, Professor Silas Douglas, became the first president of Michigan’s Historical Society. He was a teenager who witnessed the 1818 Maumee River treaty signing by seven tribes for President Monroe’s Erie Canal. The names of the tribes and the individual natives have been preserved in the Ann Arbor Public Library. North Parish follows the diplomats around the Great Lakes. * * * * *

Parish North is the blonde adopted son of a Huron native, and with his manhood-quest completed in time for his father’s trip with a Jesuit bishop, he’s allowed to participate in the efforts to secure powwow agreements from seven tribes around the Great Lakes for the building of the Erie Canal. During the trip, Parish recognizes his vision temptress in Dorothy Evans. Hoping to join the delegation, Dorothy Evans dreams of escaping duties as her mother’s cook-helper at Fort Detroit. Exciting windows to the wider world open for the girl in the Fort’s Jesuit library. Two centuries worth of European books convince her everything good and pure comes from nature. And when Dorothy meets the blond native, Parish North, she feels her heart quicken when he smiles in her direction. She’s positive Parish is half of her future.
When a bishop assigned to the trip persuades Dorothy’s mother to allow him to chaperon her intelligent daughter on the trip to facilitate her education, Dorothy’s mother accepts his kind offer with the comforting knowledge that Dorothy is under the protection of a man of the Church. But the Bishop’s intentions may not be as pure as they appear and Dorothy’s virtue is in danger. Will the Bishop’s unholy plan succeed?
Rohn Federbush retired as an administrator from the University of Michigan in 1999. She received a Masters of Arts in Creative Writing in 1995 from Eastern Michigan University. Frederick Busch of Colgate granted a 1997 summer stipend for her ghost-story collection. Michael Joyce of Vassar encouraged earlier writing at Jackson Community College, Jackson, Michigan in 1981. Rohn has completed fourteen novels, with an additional mystery nearly finished, 120 short stories and 150 poems to date.

My Review:
I really liked the time period that this book took place in. It reminded me of "Little House on The Prairie", but from the Indian's point of view. There were so many Indian traditions that I enjoyed as well. I really liked Dorothy's mom and was glad that she gave Dorothy the freedom to read any books she wanted. The Bishop was not a good character at all. I  did not like the scene with the abusive husband, but my favorite part was when the abusive husband got his punishment. This book had great history in it, and I loved the early information on the Erie Canal. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own.

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Shadow Fire by Kimber Leigh Wheaton Excerpt and $50 Giveaway

Shadow Fire Tour
Shadow fire
Shadow Fire
Ashlyn – a free-spirited teenager whose peaceful life is shattered when the village elders honor her with a perilous quest to recover a stolen relic.
Zane – a jaded mercenary, torn by his undeniable desire for Ashlyn and the dark secret that could make her hate him forever.
Delistaire – a malevolent sorcerer driven by an insatiable lust for power.
All three are bound together by an ancient relic supposedly infused with the power of a Goddess.
Shadow Fire – adventure, passion, secrets, and betrayal
As Ashlyn and Zane race to stay one step ahead of the evil lurking in the shadows, their passions are ignited and their bond strengthens. But will they find the relic before Delistaire? Or has their entire quest been orchestrated from the very beginning by a madman in pursuit of ultimate power?
Each installment of The Light Chronicles is a standalone story.
Praise for Shadow Fire "This book contains monsters, magic, majestic creatures, and a evil guy that wants to destroy the world. If you love hot guys.....Zane is all that plus a few tricks up his sleeve. Just read it!" Venture ~Amazon Reviewer "Adventure, magical creatures, fun characters, and romance make this book a perfect read for all ages." James ~Amazon Reviewer "I thought the writing was strong; it had me turning the pages quickly to see what would happen next. The characters were engaging and the dialogue well-written." Lisa Temple ~ Goodreads "Oh, I truly loved this one! Shadow Fire, by Kimber Leigh Wheaton, is a snappy, sassy, sweet, all-that-kind-of-awesome-and-then-some YA read. I couldn't put it down." ~Sasha Hibbs ~ Amazon Reviewer
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Excerpt When we reach the deck, everyone stops to stare at me. Trying to ignore the blatant curiosity, I follow Hanna down the aft stairs to the brig. Zane and Taranis occupy cells across from each other. They're both sitting on the floor glaring daggers at each other. Hanna hands the key to me and slips away. Inching closer, I'm careful to remain out of reach of the two prisoners. As soon as they see me, both men jump up and start talking over each other. "Ashlyn! How are you feeling, Love?" Zane asks. "Ashlyn, my fiery angel, you are a ray of sunshine in this dank prison!" Taranis says. "I'm gonna let you both out, if, and only if, you promise to behave," I threaten. Both men nod their agreement. "That means no fighting. It also means we never, and I mean never, speak of what happened last night." When I get no argument, I free Zane first and then Taranis. "Do you even know what happened last night?" Zane asks, taking me into his arms. I stand rigid in his embrace, not sure if I'm ready to forgive him quite yet. "Only what Hanna told me," I snap at him. "I saved your virtue from this raving lunatic," Taranis says, pointing at Zane. "Then you decided to take it for yourself!" Zane yells back at him. "Did you not hear me?" I shout. Pulling myself from Zane's embrace, I back up and glare at both men. "No speaking of last night. Period. End of discussion." "Yes, Love," Zane replies. "Yes, virtuous virgin," Taranis replies. "Taranis!" I release a menacing growl, and wince when my right eye starts to tic. "Yes?" he asks, eyes full of mock innocence. "Run," Zane says. Taranis listens to Zane's advice and takes off up the stairs to the deck with me hot on his heels.  
Author Kimber Leigh Wheaton Kimber Leigh Wheaton is a YA/NA author with a soft spot for sweet romance and is a member of Romance Writers of America. She is married to her soul mate, has a teenage son, and shares her home with three dogs and four cats. No, she doesn’t live on a farm, she just loves animals. Her house is filled with dragons, though she does lament that they are the porcelain, non-flying variety. Kimber Leigh is addicted to romance, videogames, superheroes, villains, and chocolate—not necessarily in that order. (If she has to choose, she’ll take a chocolate covered superhero!) Her debut novel, Shadow Fire, is the first book in The Light Chronicles series. Watch for book two, Stolen Moon, a standalone sequel, coming soon.  
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Plain Jayne By Laura Drewry Giveaway and Excerpt

Plain Jayne
By Laura Drewry
Publisher:  Loveswept Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:   April 8, 2014
ISBN:  978-0-8041-7773-3

In Laura Drewry’s funny, heartwarming Loveswept debut, a man and a woman learn the hard way that a little bit of love makes staying friends a whole lot harder.

Worn out from the long drive back home, Jayne Morgan can only smirk at the irony: Of course the first person she sees from her old life is Nick Scott. Once best friends, they lost touch when Jayne left town at eighteen, but nothing could keep them apart forever. Jayne has returned to take over her grandmother’s bookstore, determined to put all her bittersweet memories and secret disappointments strictly in the past—until, that is, Nick insists she bunk at his place.

Nick never did care what people thought about having a girl for a best friend—or the “scandal” she caused by showing up to his wife’s funeral four years earlier—so he’s got no problem with the gossips now. Jayne was always the one person he could count on in his life. Now Nick is starting to realize that he never wants her to leave again . . . and that being “just friends” isn’t going to be enough anymore.

Excerpt from Chapter One 

 We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.
Andrew Clark, The Breakfast Club
Half-hidden in the growing shadows of the store-lined street, and almost four years since Jayne had last seen him, the walk was still the same; left hand tucked down the front pocket of his jeans and a slight limp on the right.
Nick Scott.
He shuffled to a stop a couple feet away from her, hesitated, then stood there with an awkward half smile, half wince like he wasn’t sure if it would be okay to hug her or if he should duck in case she took a swing at him. It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about punching him—and hard—over the last four years, but this was Nick.
She couldn’t very well stay mad at her best friend forever.
But best friend or not, that didn’t mean Jayne wanted him hugging her right there in the middle of Main Street, for Pete’s sake. He’d do it anyway, it was just a matter of when, and even though she knew it was coming, Jayne wasn’t ready. She never was. The only thing she could do was resort to her usual defense: crossed arms, a sigh, and a smirk.
“You can never just stick to a plan, can you? I said I’d call when I got here.”
“You also said you’d be here by one and it’s . . .” Nick tapped his watch, held it up to his ear, then tapped it again, his eyes softening into a mocking grin as he did. “Look at that—two fifteen.”
He held his hands out, palms up, and started toward her. Jayne took a step back but not fast enough. He was already hugging her. Tight. And right in the middle of the sidewalk for all the lookie-loos to see.
“Welcome home, Jayne.” His arms were like a vise; not letting up even after she’d given him her token pat and let her arms fall.
Jittery laughter caught in her throat, trapped by an avalanche of emotion she was wholly unprepared for. Gillette Foamy, sunshine, and sawdust; it was the combined scent that had always been his, the one she’d tried so hard to put out of her mind, and failed so miserably at.
“I . . . can’t . . . breathe.” She squirmed and twisted until his grip began to ease, albeit slowly. Finally free, Jayne retreated a step, scowled at him through her grin, and tried to ignore the stares from the two old guys outside the hardware store across the street. Thackery and Thayer Ostlund never missed a thing that happened downtown. They’d opened that store long before Jayne had been born and the only way they’d leave was in side-by-side pine boxes.
In unison, the twin brothers grinned and waved, which Jayne returned with a chuckle and an added eye roll.
“Great. Back in town two minutes and by this time tomorrow, T-Squared’ll have everyone thinking we were having sex on the sidewalk.”
“Look at you.” Nick’s grin warmed as his gaze moved over her face, completely oblivious to the old guys’ stares. “You look great.”
Jayne snorted and adjusted the brim of her faded blue ball cap. “No one looks great after being on the road for three days.”
“You do.”
If this is what he thought great looked like, he obviously needed a good optometrist. Her hair was at least six months past its last cut, her face hadn’t seen makeup since Christmas, and the only good thing she could say about her clothes was that the rip across her knee was from constant wear and washes, and not from the ten pounds she’d gained since the last time she saw him.
Nick, on the other hand, looked just as good now as he had in high school; maybe better. His thick dark hair was still short and untidy, the little gold and green flecks in his eyes seemed to have darkened a bit, and his Garth Brooks T-shirt fit him better now than it did when she bought it for him senior year.
Who kept T-shirts for that long? And, more to the point, who could still fit into them?
His awkward smile returned, bringing with it a shadow that fell over his eyes, a worry that could only mean one thing.
“Oh no.” Jayne shook her head slowly, trying to warn him off with a wide-eyed glare. “Don’t even—”
“I’m really sorry.”
Damn it. Normal people waited until they were somewhere a little more private, but that’s not how Nick worked. He’d never cared what anyone else thought of him. If he wanted to hug someone, he did it, if he wanted to say something, he said it, and he never gave a good hot damn where he was or who was watching.
“Yeah,” Jayne muttered. “The first three hundred apologies made that pretty clear.”
“Phone calls and emails don’t count.”
“Some were texts. And those first few came with flowers.” She pulled her key ring out of her pocket and twirled it around her index finger until Nick grabbed it and held it still.
“Nick.” She tipped her face up to his and offered him the same mocking little grin he’d flashed her a minute ago. Didn’t work. The worry lingered in his eyes, his mouth twisted a little to the right. If she gave even the slightest hint at how much he’d hurt her, she’d no doubt find herself back in his vise grip until every one of her ribs popped. Best to dismiss it—and quickly.
“So you kicked me out of your wife’s funeral in front of a church full of people. Big deal. It’s not like it was the first time I was shown the door in this town.”
The green flecks in Nick’s eyes darkened and his jaw tightened, but before he said anything else, she yanked the key ring out of his grip and stared straight back at him.
“Seriously. Enough already.”
After a long exhale, he tipped his chin toward the papered-up storefront behind her. “You been inside?”
“No.” She hesitated, turned her gaze toward the old building. “Not yet.”
Water-stained brown paper covered the windows and door, and a thick layer of grime plastered the glass on the outside. How many times had she washed those windows? How many books had she displayed behind the glass and how many times had she taken the broom to those nasty cobwebs hanging from the shingle overhang?
Twelve years ago she’d stood in this exact spot when Gran shut the door behind her without so much as a goodbye, good luck, or kiss my ass. Over those dozen years, Jayne had come back to town a few times to see Nick, but as much as she’d wanted to, she’d never set foot back inside the store, and after being humiliated at Abby’s funeral four years ago, Jayne had made a point of avoiding the whole town in general.
There was no avoiding it now; it was long past time to accept the fact that Gran had never loved her, and all those years of wishing for a normal family had been a waste of time.

Nick could hug her until the cows came home, it wouldn’t make a spit of difference now. Gran was dead and Jayne had no other family.

Available 4/08/14:


Laura Drewry had been scribbling things for years before she decided to seriously sit down and write. After spending eight years in the Canadian north, Laura now lives back home in southwestern British Columbia with her husband, three sons, a turtle named Sheldon, and an extremely energetic German Shepherd. She loves old tattered books, good movies, country music, and the New York Yankees.


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Hearing Love By Katie Lee EXCERPT and Giveaway

Hearing Love - Release Blitz
By Katie Lee
Contemporary Romance
Date Published: April 16, 2014

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Ella James, the beautiful, feisty Director of Operations at Coopers’ Treats finds herself immediately at odds with Alexander Shepard, CEO of SBS, Inc. Alex’s company is looking to merge with the financially shaky Coopers’ Treats, but from the moment they met, Alex had this way of getting under Ella’s skin. Alex’s plans for the merger would require Ella to uproot herself from her safe, quiet existence in the bucolic suburban enclave of Brookside and move to the bright lights of Manhattan. For Ella, who lost her hearing at a young age, change wasn’t something she embraced or welcomed freely. She was also reluctant to leave Chase Kramer, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, even though they were currently in the “off-again” phase.

But a merger with the more financially stable SBS, Inc. would mean ensuring Coopers’ Treats continued existence, so Ella packs up and heads for the Big Apple, hoping that giving Chase the chance to really miss her might clarify his feelings for her. When Ella gets to Manhattan, she is charmed by both the big city and Alex. Despite her feelings for Chase, she finds herself hopelessly drawn to Alex and the chemistry between them is sizzling. They embark on a passionate, fun, whirlwind affair. Ella is surprised by her intense feelings for Alex, even though she is still haunted by dreams of chasing after an elusive man, dreams that she started having when Chase first broke off their relationship.

 As the merger deadline approaches, Ella finds herself caught between her feelings for two very different men. As she works to see that the merger is completed successfully, her muddled feelings for both men threaten to jeopardize everything she holds dear. Will she finally be able to hear love and make the right choice?


“What happened to Alexander Shepard?”

“I kicked him out,” Ella James answered, her voice dismissive.

“You what?” Cynthia asked with a gasp.

Ella was surprised by the distressed expression on her assistant's face. “What?”

“I-I. . .” Cynthia stopped, shaking her head. “You really kicked him out?”

“Cyn, what’s going on?”

Cynthia took a deep breath before answering. “I saw Mr. Cooper while I was in the bakery and he told me that he forgot to tell you that someone named Alexander Shepard would be coming in to meet with you. He said to tell you that he’s the CEO of the corporation and that you’d know what that means.”

Ella bolted out of her chair as panic gripped her. “Oh my God!”

As she fought to contain the rising panic, Ella's mind went back to her meeting earlier that day

About the Author:

 photo DenverBar_zps81c40bb7.jpgKatie Lee has had a lifelong love affair with books. She fell in love with her first book in the second grade and hasn’t looked back since. She first took up writing as a hobby, wanting to craft her own magical adventures, and through the love and encouragement of family and friends, decided to get serious about writing and share her stories with the world.

She currently resides in Maryland in the United States. She works for the government during the day, and her spare time is devoted to writing. She gains inspiration from all sorts of things, but mostly from the fun and adventurous trips she takes when she can.

Her debut novel, "What Endures" was published in August of 2013 and is available on Amazon.

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